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The best educational toys to maximize your child’s mental ability

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Kids are becoming more particular when it comes to toys. With thousands of its variants available on the market today, they can really get everything they can imagine. However, as parents, we have the authority to choose which ones are good for them, like the toys we see here:

With that said, it is just right for us to buy toys that are not just fun but also educational. If we choose such, it will be a very big help to our growing children because they are not just enjoying, they are also learning. This article will give you a walkthrough of the best educational toys for your kid.

1. Books

Books never get old. It’s for everyone, especially your child. While you may think it’s too early to introduce such during preschool, there are actually classifications of books that are suitable for every age. There are different types of storybooks, coloring books and lesson books for you to choose from.

2. Jigsaw puzzle

Puzzles come in all sorts and shapes, including the jigsaw puzzle. It is the very first thing that comes into our minds when we hear the word puzzle, and there’s a reason why it is so popular. A jigsaw puzzle is known to stimulate visual-spatial related skills. Aside from that, it is also found out to play an important role in developing problem-solving skills as well as cognitive skills.

3. Block builders

Block builders let your children explore their imagination and apply their creativity. These toys are known to stimulate fine motor skills and coordination of the eyes and hand. They can also develop logical thinking as they have to decide if their next move will either make or break it. Try it as you might be surprised you already have a budding architect!

4. Shape Sorters

This educational toy is seen almost everywhere. It has become quite popular because the children love it. They are fond of sorting shapes with different colors. The challenge of properly drop them into the correct hole sparks their problem-solving skills as well as hand-eye coordination. These toys are truly fun and engaging that your kids won’t be able to get enough of them.

5. Word games

These toys are for higher ages, those who are old enough to think of a lot of words. Word games are very good mind exercising activities that help children widen their vocabulary. There are different types of word games like scrabbles, guessing games, and letter arrangements just to name a few.

6. Toy sets/kits

There are toys that come in sets such as kitchen utensils, doctor’s paraphernalia, handyman tools and a lot more. These are usually being introduced to children to familiarise themselves with things that are used in everyday living. Aside from the name, children will remember the purpose or function of each object being used. These toys spark your child’s curiosity and higher thinking ability, making them master the art of learning by exploring.

These are just six of thousands of educational toys out there, each with a purpose in a child’s mental development. So consider getting such and start honing your child’s mental ability as early as possible.

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