Virology Crash Course: The Influenza Virus

The influenza virus or much commonly known as the flu virus is one of the most dynamic and the most flexible virus strains known to man. It can quickly change its genetic make up to infiltrate new resistances made by the body. Because of that, it is important to guard yourself against one of the most powerful microbes with the use of the flu shot Brisbane has.

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What is the influenza virus?

The influenza virus or the flu virus is the cause of the infectious disease which is named after it. Unlike the common notion that the fever itself is the sickness, it is just a symptom it. It is usually accompanied with other symptoms such as runny nose, muscle pains, headaches, feeling tired and coughing. This virus strain attacks your respiratory system which if left unattended can lead to viral pneumonia and possibly death.

How is it spread?

The virus can be spread if it is airborne via coughs and sneezes. It is most commonly spread in short distances such as casual conversations and personal contacts. It can also be spread with sharing of utensils and glasses. So unless you are equipped with the flu shot Brisbane has, be very careful.

Types of the Virus

The virus has three kinds of strain that affects human namely: Influenza Virus A, Influenza Virus B and Influenza Virus C. The first mentioned strain is probably the scariest one because it is where the cause of global epidemics such as the Avian viruses AH1N1 and H5N1 that resulted to hundreds of deaths in a matter of weeks. In June 2009, AH1N1 has been officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organizations.

 The other two are less common but can cause epidemics if you are not equipped with a flu shot Brisbane has. These three virus strains share the same RNA make up since viruses do not usually have DNA’s.

How can I avoid it?

Basically, the virus can be avoided with proper hygiene and being clean all around. However, you can’t stop other people from being infected that is why you need to have flu vaccine shots. Another thing about this virus is that it gets deactivated when it gets contact with soap. This is because viruses are neither living things nor nonliving things, they just come to life when they contact a host that they can infiltrate.

A good mask, sanitizers and constant hand washing can greatly decrease the risk of catching the virus. Add a few cheap flu shots to the mix and you’ll almost be invincible. There are even all in one shots that unify different flu vaccines which makes you resistant to multiple strains with the use of one shot.

We only have one life to live. So, in order for us to maximize it, we should eliminate the chance of catching a disease especially when they are easy to avoid. Imagine missing an important event just because of a flu. Always maintain a good hygiene, exercise regularly, eat healthy and get flu shots: you are now set to a happy and healthy life.

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