SEO Facts That Will Help Your Business

Luckily, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies are here to help you sort out your marketing problems. So before you go to an SEO consulting firm that your place has, here are some interesting facts that you should know that will surely help you.

Content Marketing

According to, eighty eight percent of B2B (business to business) marketers are incorporating content marketing to their online marketing scheme. However, only thirty two percent of them have been reported to document their content marketing strategy plan. So, how does content marketing help your online business?

Oftentimes, the SEO consulting company that will hire will usually tell you that content marketing is just another attack on marketing. Well, it is not. The demographics show that majority of the online audience are millennials usually, within the generations X and Y. This means that they have a shorter attention span because they need to multi task most of the times. The conventional marketing strategy of shouting your product at their faces do not work with them. This is where content marketing that is brought to you by a Fort Lauderdale SEO consulting firm of your choice comes in, it brings interesting articles that entices the attention of the viewers. In short, it creates a need in the readers that makes them buy a product.

The world has become more digital

In a report made by Interconnected World, sixty percent of the internet users online use the said medium to search for a product or service. What most SEO consulting firms do not know is that once a customer is able to see your product, they are going to contact you or go to your place. A study made by the Google Mobile found out that 88% of consumers who search for a local business end up calling them or go to their business place within 24 hours.

Do not forget search engines. According to Interconnected, forty four percent of online shoppers begin their online purchases by searching for a product in a search engine. Although everybody knows that google is the leading search engine in the world (88% patronage based on a study made by Pew Research Center), being listed in google is not enough. This is because, according to google, the first search result gets approximately up to more than half of all the organic clicks. This means that if your website is not even listed in the first page, then it is time to reevaluate your online marketing strategy.

Website design is very important

A lot of studies have found out that most people will automatically ditch a website once they don’t like the website’s design. This is why it is important to take your time before choosing a Fort Lauderdale Web Design firm that will help you with your needs. The web design consultant of your choice should understand that colors, shading fonts, bullets and all the little things affects page visits by a huge margin.

In conclusion, it is important that your online marketing partner would be able to bring out the best of your business. He should know the new algorithms that affect the search engines. And he should know the things mentioned above. The internet market is very dynamic. And, you should be able to adapt to it. For more details visit

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