Cell Phone Tower Lease – Has to Benefit Both the Lessor and the Lessee

The towers installed to capture the cell phone signals across many towns have been in the news, for wrong reasons of late. The major objections raised by many who oppose these towers say it could be an environmental hazard. But the cell phone companies have time and again brought out studies to show there is no such negative effect and perhaps even the courts have accepted this. But from the opposite perspective, there are many ordinary people who have gained financially from the cell phone tower lease on top of their buildings. However, there are still some people who are not sure if they are getting a good deal or a great one or if the companies are trying to shortchange them. The facts might lie somewhere in between.

Location is Critical for Both

The fact remains that the most important aspect under contention is the exact location of the property where the cell tower is being proposed. The cell tower leasing agency, acting on behalf of the cell phone companies would be under instructions to find the place from where the signals could be relayed the strongest, benefitting a maximum number of cell phone users in that area. Now this could sometimes lead to a situation where the companies are desperate to have a tower in that place. If the owner of the property is privy to this fact, then he or she can extract the best cell site lease rates. In other situations, where the tower is needed and the property owner is prepared to enter the lease agreement, but the place may not be that critical to the cell phone company. Here, naturally, the lease payouts by the company would be lower. Many people don’t fully appreciate this demand-supply play and get the wrong ideas.

Get Some Agency to Do it for you

In matters of cell phone tower lease, you are always better served by engaging the services of a local and independent agency that specializes in cell site leases. They are generally past masters in the game and will have their ears to the ground. The only thing you need to do is to sound them out that you are keen to have your roof top or an open yard offered for building a cell phone tower from which you can earn regular lease income. The agency would then establish their own line of contact with the companies and work out the best deal for you.

As mentioned, the best cell phone tower lease arrangement for the property owner is when the cell phone company or their tower lease partners are desperate to fix the tower in that place. What is more important is also the way the lease is renewed. You will again need the services of the agency to negotiate the best rates on renewal since the companies might act smart at times and come up with different excuses to rework a lower lease amount.

Lastly, the agency you hire can also help you out in case you wish to go for a lease buyout. Here, you may assign the lease to someone else in return for a lump-sum payment. These are routine exercises in the trade. For more details, just visit HTTP://WWW.CELLTOWERLEASEEXPERTS.COM/CELL-TOWER-LEASE/

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